Aluminum Castings

Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum Forgings

Backup Roll Chocks

Ball Mill

Barrel-Type Coupling

Bevel Gear

Blade Block

Box for solar power generation (Large aluminum DC)

Bucket Drum

Canning Gear


Copper (Ring forgings)


Drive Wheels

Dummy Bar

Eccentric Shaft

Electric Furnace 2

Electric furnace busbar parts Busbar

Electric Furnace

Electrode Rise Equipment

Electrode rise winch stand Winch

Gear Various

Grooved Roll

Gutter Cover

Incinerator Duct Parts

Kiln Roller

LF equipment furnace roof

Long products slip Car

Magnesium precision casting

Motor caging (Aluminum DC)

Motor case (Aluminum extrusion)

Painting robot parts (Aluminum casting)

Parking parts

PET bottle injection molding machine turntable

Pin-type heat sink

RH vacuum chamber

Rod Mill

Roller apron assembly

Scrap Bucket

Screw feeder casing

Spline Shaft

Stripper Guide

Table Roller


Tundish Cover

Tundish EAF

Vacuum Tank

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